We have highly experienced team of production for Scientific/Technical/Medical (STM) journal publishers. We have adopted better technology tools, processes, and systems to deliver the content in ready-to-print formats for STM publishers as well as financial publishers.

Welcome to entourage publishing solutions

We are an end to end Desktop Publishing (DTP) company located in Mumbai (INDIA). We do complete STM, College Books, Journals, Magazine, children’s books, design, product cover designs, etc FOR PUBLISHERS AND CORPORATES.

Entourage offers top quality services at a cost 30-50% lower than what most service providers in the UK & U.S. With a hybrid outsourcing model that effectively uses our resources in U.S and India and aim to become a resourceful & valuable partner with you.

our services

  • Typesetting/Layouting
  • Template Creation
  • Artwork & Graphics
  • Proof Reading
  • Data Entry
  • Technical Publishing
  • Financial Publishing
  • Web Development
  • Process Outsourcing